What are the benefits of trees on your property?

benefits of planting trees

Trees on your residential or commercial property add beauty for generations to come.  We love to help our clients find the right trees for aesthetics and increased property value, but trees come with many additional benefits!

Here are some of our favorite pros for adding trees on your property:

    • Trees can increase property values.
      • There is no doubt that beautiful trees and landscaping can enhance curb appeal, and you can take that beauty to the bank! A study in Portland, Oregon found that street-side trees added an average of 3% to the median sale price of a home, and reduced its time on market by almost two days.
    • Trees can fight crime.
      • Investing in trees and other greenery in a housing area can reduce aggression and discourage criminals. A study of inner city public housing revealed that buildings with lots of greenery had 48 percent fewer property crimes and 56 percent fewer violent crimes!
    • Trees are natural noise cancellers.
      • A tree in the right place on your property can reduce noise by 40 percent by blocking and absorbing those intruding sounds.

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