Top Tree Care Mistakes

tree care mistakes

As a homeowner, it can be tempting to handle all yard work on your own.  However, we often see mistakes that can be damaging to the trees and dangerous for homeowners.

Here are some of the top tree care mistakes to avoid:

“Topping” Trees

If you are looking to reduce the size of a tree, “topping” is NOT the way to go.  Tree topping is the removal of branches in the crown of the tree down to the stub of the tree.  This practice is bad all around for your trees.

Why It’s Harmful

  • Tree topping can damage your tree in several ways
    • Removal of a significant portion of the leaf-bearing crown (which is what typically occurs when a tree is topped) removes the food source for the tree. That means your tree is now vulnerable to insects, decay and disease.
    • With the leafy crown removed, your tree can experience sun scalding.
    • As a protective measure, a topped tree to try to rapidly regrow new branches in an effort to gain food. These limbs are never as strong as the rest of the tree, and often not strong enough to withstand storms.
  • It’s more work in the long run
    • Topping a tree might seem like a quick fix to reduce the size of a tree – but it results in ongoing maintenance issues.
      • New limbs that grow in the crown of the tree will eventually reach the original height of the tree. But, they will be far weaker and pose a greater risk of breakage.
      • In order to safely maintain a tree after topping, more frequent trimmings will be required.
      • Sadly, some trees decline after being topped requiring an unplanned removal of the tree. DLL often receives “fix it” calls when trees that were previously topped have died or become structurally unsafe.

DIY Tree Removal

Tree work can be very dangerous, even when performed by a trained professional; the risk is far greater for an untrained homeowner.

Why It’s Harmful

  • Falling – There is a risk of falling when attempting to access branches overhead.
  • Damage – Branches may come down in unplanned ways causing significant damage from potentially fatal injuries, to damage to the tools used to perform tree work.
  • Expense – DIY tree care may seem like a cost-saving choice, but that is not always the case especially when there are complications. The cost for repairs from a tree job gone wrong far outweigh the cost of hiring a trained and insured professional.

It’s not a smart move to take care of any tree work that requires your feet to leave the ground.

Beyond trimming small branches on shrubs/bushes with both feet on the ground, tree care should be handled by a professional.

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