52SWA/Job Order Details – Landscape Laborer 

Distinctive Lawn and Landscape LLC DBA DLL Landscaping & Tree Service, 3080 Lamb Ave, Columbus, OH 43219. Ph: (614) 471-8733 

Ten (10) temporary, full-time Landscape Laborers from 3/13/23 – 11/22/23. Work will be performed at multiple worksites in  Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, and Licking Counties, OH. No minimum education or experience required. Employer will  provide on-the-job training. 

Landscape or maintain grounds of property using hand or power tools or equipment. Lay sod, mow, trim, plant, weeding,  watering, dig holes with shovel, rake, blow leaves; spread grass seed, fertilizer and mulch; sprinkler installation/repair,  installation of mortar-less segmental concrete masonry wall units. Maintain equipment to ensure proper functioning. May  drive company truck to transport crews, plants, materials and tools to/from or at worksites. 

Minimum 35 hours per week up to 52 hours per week. Normal workdays: Open Monday-Saturday. Shift: 7:00am – 5:00pm with a 1-hour unpaid break. Work days and shift times may vary with business need and weather. 

Basic rate of pay $16.61 per hour. Employer may increase wage based on experience, changes in market conditions, and/or  provide additional pay for performance and tenure. An overtime premium will be paid when required by Federal, State, or  local law, including at time-and-a-half after 40 hours per workweek. Generally, when overtime is available it will be paid at  $24.92 per hour based on locality the work is performed and the base rate of pay offered per hour. A single workweek will  be used to compute wages due. Paid weekly. 

Employer will make all deductions from the worker’s paycheck required by law and deduct approved cost of housing if  worker elects employee shared housing. Optional employee only shared housing, including utilities, if worker elects; approximate cost $100.00 per week. 

Transportation provided, at no cost to employee, from main worksite in Franklin County to multiple worksites within Franklin,  Delaware, Fairfield, and Licking Counties, OH. 

Employer will provide worker at no charge all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform job. Required uniform  provided at no cost to employee.  

The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three-fourths of the workdays in each 12 week period of  the total employment period. 

H-2B workers will be reimbursed in the first workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other related fees,  including those mandated by the government (excluding passport fees). 

If worker completes half the employment period, employer will arrange and pay directly for transportation and subsistence  from the place of recruitment to the place of work. Upon completion of the employment period or where the worker is  dismissed early, the employer will provide or pay for worker’s reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence  back home or to the place the worker originally departed to work, except where the worker will not return due to subsequent  employment with another employer or where the employer has appropriately reported a worker’s voluntary abandonment  of employment. The amount of transportation payment or reimbursement will be equal to the most economical and  reasonable common carrier for the distances involved. Daily subsistence will be provided at a rate of at least $14.00 per  day during travel to a maximum of $59.00 per day with receipts. All transportation costs are to be preapproved. If necessary,  employer will reimburse worker within first pay period for approved cost of meals and lodging at the applicable exchange  rate, not to exceed reasonable costs. Receipts must be submitted. 

Post-injury/incident and random drug test required, cost paid by employer and is applied equally to all workers, US and  foreign/H2B. Employer follows any state and federal mandated pandemic policies. Must be able to work a 6-day schedule,  including weekends and holidays as required. Must be able to perform routine physical work lifting up to 50 lbs., bending,  stooping, squatting, and standing for long periods of time. Applicants must complete an employment application.  

Inquire about the job opportunity at Ohio Career Center, 1111 East Broad Street, Suite 201, Columbus, OH 43205. Ph#  614-559-5052. http://OhioMeansJobs.com EOE/M/F/D/V