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Beds and Hard Surface Maintenance

Our regular commercial landscape maintenance keeps your land looking great while removing and preventing weed growth on your property’s beds and hard surfaces.


We offer weed removal and maintenance of flower beds, tree circles, decorative gravel surfaces, and any other areas designated areas requiring special maintenance. Our weeding and herbicide treatments help to remove existing weed growth and prevent additional growth between treatments.

Commercial Bed Maintenance includes:

  • Weed removal
  • Regular herbicide applications to prevent new growth
  • Custom bed maintenance to meet your needs


Maintaining your hard surfaces not only eliminates unsightly weed growth, but also helps to maintain the integrity of your surfaces. Weeds that are not removed can separate hard surfaces in jointed areas, causing damage to sidewalks, parking lots and loading docks—resulting in costly repair or replacement. For a fraction of the cost, we can keep your hard surfaces clear of weeds.

Commercial Hard Surface Maintenance includes:

  • Weed removal and/or herbicide application
  • We remove weeds and apply herbicide regularly to prevent additional growth between treatments
  • Removal of any growth emerging from cracks in hard surfaces surrounding buildings, including driveways and sidewalks


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