What to Do After a Storm Damages Your Trees

Storm Damage Close Up

Storm damage can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Snapped branches, large fallen leader limbs and even uprooted trees can occur when storms hit central Ohio.

If you’re picking up the pieces after storm damage, here is what we recommend you do:

Stick with Simple Cleanup

We recommend homeowners only focus on basic cleanup of branches and foliage on the ground, or reachable from the ground.  This will give you a chance to clear some of the debris, and assess additional needs.

Limit DIY cleanup to:

  • Small branches that are on the ground.
  • Hanging branches that are reachable from the ground (and won’t cause further damage to the tree or nearby structures if removed).

We also recommend you survey your property for:

  • Power lines that have been affected by fallen trees, or that could be affected.
  • Dangerous hanging branches.

After you’ve assessed the damage, it’s time to contact a tree expert.

Contact a Tree Expert

If you have downed trees or damaged trees, you’ll want to hire a professional tree service to provide an assessment.  A tree expert can provide insight on damage caused to your trees, and risks for future damage.

A professional tree service company will also have the equipment and experience to safely remove downed trees and large limbs from your property.

Moving Forward: Keep Up on Maintenance

The best defense against storm damage is ongoing tree maintenance.  Trees in good health have a better chance of withstanding strong winds, and regular inspection can help you ensure your trees are healthy and strong.

Not only will your maintenance efforts help keep your trees healthy, it will also help ensure your insurance kicks in if a tree does fall.  Should you have neglected trees that are diseased, dying or damaged that fall and cause damage to your property or a neighbor’s – your insurance will likely hold you responsible for all associated costs.

Need help cleaning up after a storm?  Contact our team for a free estimate.