Tree Trimming Safety Tips

When it comes to the list of yardwork that can be safely handled by a homeowner, tree trimming and tree removal don’t make the cut.

We recognize the satisfaction that comes with a hard of a day of work in the yard and seeing the results of your labor (it’s what we do for a living!) but the risks outweigh the rewards for DIY tree trimming and removal.

In short – we never recommend a homeowner trim a tree, remove a tree or remove a bush without consulting a professional.  Here’s a look at why a hiring a tree expert is worth the investment.

Tree Trimming Risks

Trimming your trees without training and knowledge of how to properly prune a tree can result in unintended damage to an otherwise healthy tree – and put you at major risk for the more serious complications outlined below.

  • Property Damage
    • Falling limbs or trunks caused by DIY tree trimming or removal can result in damage to your home, equipment, neighbor’s property and municipal structures.
    • Keep in mind that tree removal by a professional may cost between $350 – $1,500, but average property damage costs from tree trimming accidents can skyrocket from $1,500 to $3,000.
  • Personal Injury
    • When attempting to remove a tree/shrub or trim a tree, homeowners expose themselves to risk of personal injuries, including:
      • Falling from heights
      • Eye injuries
      • Cuts or injury from equipment
      • Injuries from branches falling
      • Electrocution from overhead power lines
      • Death

The hazards of trimming and removing trees yourself are significant.  We recommend you always start with a risk assessment from professional tree service.  These consultations are typically free and are quite informative.

Why Use a Professional Tree Service

Not only do tree experts have the proper experience and knowledge to safely trim and remove trees and shrubs, they also have the right tools for the job and liability coverage in case of property damage or physical injury.

  • Professional Tools
    • With your professional tree service team comes access to wood chippers, skid steers, HD trucks, boom trucks, aerial lifts, cranes, chainsaws, climbing gear, protective clothing and impact-resistant head protection. These tools help them get the job done efficiently and safely!
  • Liability Coverage
    • Hiring a tree service company with the proper liability coverage and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation coverage is essential.
    • These policies should completely and totally protect the homeowner in the event of property damage or physical injury during tree trimming or removal.

What Can You Do Yourself?

It’s generally safe for a homeowner to trim a shrub or bush that can be reached with both feet on the ground, with branches of less than 1” in diameter.

Tree trimming and/or tree and shrub removal are not recommended without consulting a professional.

Safety should always come first when considering tree service.  If you want a free risk assessment for your trees, contact our tree experts today!