Tree Stumps: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

tree stump in yard

Tree stumps should go.  While a tree stump can make for inventive outdoor seating and create fun for kiddos, we recommend clients remove stumps when trees are removed.

Why Remove Tree Stumps

  • Eliminate risk of termites and other pests that would be attracted to decaying stumps.
  • Prevent unwanted fungus or mushroom growth.
  • Remove need for additional service to tame regrowth.

Stump grinding is a reliable, cost-effective way to remove tree stumps.  We remove the stump immediately using this method, ensuring the ability for new plants to grow in that area. Additionally, wood chips from dead tree stumps provide great fertilizer!

Attempting to grind down a stump on your own can be expensive and dangerous.  Our trained technicians use stump grinding machinery safely and effectively – and can save you time and money.

Have a tree stump that needs to go?  Contact us for a FREE estimate.