Spring Growth on Trees: What to Look For

spring growth on trees

When spring finally arrives in central Ohio, everyone is ready for the green growth and warmer days!  To help your trees fill in and make sure they’re on course for a healthy year, here are some signs to watch for.


By mid-April to early May, trees in Ohio should be full and green.  If your tree canopies are missing significant leaf coverage by this point, you should have an assessment performed to ensure the tree is healthy and address any issues that might be stunting its foliage growth.

Growth Patterns

You want to see full leaf coverage and strong bark on your trees by mid-spring.  

Examine your trees for:

  • Spotty leaf growth
  • Cracks or patches of missing bark
  • Oozing from bark
  • Fungus or mushroom growth at base of the tree

If any of these signs are present, contact a tree care expert to perform a check-up.

Black Spot Disease on a Leaf

Black Spot Disease on a leaf

Disease Risks

With warmer weather comes disease risks for your trees.  Some of the common spring diseases in central Ohio are:

  • Apple Scab Disease – Gray-brown or dull black lesions on tree leaves, buds or fruits (e.g. apples) that can lead to severe tree defoliation.
  • Cedar-Hawthorn Rust – Red-brown growth on twigs and branches, or yellow spots on leaves and fruit depending on tree type.
  • Leaf Spot Disease – Spots on foliage ranging from brown to black.
  • Thousand Cankers Disease – Affects walnut trees with yellowing foliage, thinning in upper crown and branch “cankers.”
  • Dutch Elm Disease – Yellow or brown curled leaves on the tip of branches.

Should you see evidence of any of these diseases, or if you’re concerned about your tree growth, we recommending scheduling a check up with a reputable tree service company.

You can encourage the health and growth of your trees each spring by providing fertilization and water, and by paying attention to leaf fullness, growth patterns and common signs of disease.

Have questions or concerns about your trees?  Contact us for a free estimate.