Hiring a Tree Service Company? Make Sure You’re Covered.

make sure tree service is insured

When you’re vetting a tree service provider for your property, don’t forget to ask about insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, some companies provide tree services without proper insurance coverage.  This not only puts their own staff at risk, but also the homeowners for whom they are working.

Here’s what coverage you should look for – and why.

Minimum Coverage Requirements

A reputable tree service provider should at least have the following insurance coverage:

  • Liability Coverage (of at least $1 million)
  • Workers Compensation Coverage

As a consumer, you should always ask to see documentation of this insurance coverage.  Any contractor will be more than happy to provide documentation; and if a provider declines you should consider it a red flag.

Why Insurance Coverage Matters

You might find that uninsured contractors provide a less expensive tree service quote, however the investment to use an insured service is well worth the cost.

When a professional is trimming, servicing or removing trees from your property, if something were to go wrong the damage could be extremely costly.

Consider the cost of damage to your property, a neighbor’s property, injury to workers or bystanders in the event of an accident.  Any cost incurred from an uninsured tree contractor would be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Tree service companies who carry proper insurance coverage prioritize safety, and are also the companies who make sure employees are well-trained and qualified for the work they are performing. At DLL, we are licensed and insured to protect our team and our clients.  We follow the latest OSHA and industry safety standards to ensure our team can safely and efficiently provide outstanding landscaping and tree care services.

When hiring a tree service provider to trim or remove trees from your property, making sure they are properly insured is essential.

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