Dos and Don’ts for DIY Pruning

tree pruning dos and don'ts

With summer tree and shrub growth in full swing, you’re likely working to maintain your landscape.  Regular trimming and pruning can maintain the appeal of your landscape and the health of your shrubs and trees – but common mistakes can result in damage!

Check out DLL’s Dos and Don’ts for Pruning:

  • DO: Use sharp, clean pruning tools.  
    • Using sharp tools minimizes unnecessary trauma to the tree during cutting.  Clean tools helps prevent spreading disease from tree to tree.
  • DON’T: Cut any limb that cannot be reached with both feet on the ground.  
    • Attempting to trim trees that require ladder access risks property damage or personal injury.
  • DO: Call a professional to help prune trees with branches larger than 1” in diameter.
  • DON’T: Cut too close to the trunk.
    • DLL recommends cutting at a location at least 3” from the collar of the branch.  
  • DO: Cut the bottom of the branch to prevent splitting.  
    • Make your first cut about ⅓ of the way through the underside of the branch.  Then cut just ahead of the bottom cut, from the top, to prevent the branch from splitting or tearing when it comes down.
  • DON’T: “Top” a tree to reduce its size by removing branches in the crown.  
  • DO: Get a free estimate from a tree expert.  

Want to leave your trimming and pruning to the experts?  Contact us for a free quote!