Dead Tree Removal: What Are My Options?

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If you suspect you have a dead tree on your property, start by contacting a tree expert to assess the tree.

Key Warning Signs

It can be hard to determine if your tree is dead, so it is best to rely on an expert eye.  However, these key signs should trigger your call to a tree service provider:

  • New and obvious leaning of the tree
  • Branches that haven’t developed leaves
  • Decay/holes in wood
  • Large amounts of dropping limbs
  • Fungus growing on the tree
  • Large, deep cracks in bark

(You can also get an idea of the health of the tree by scratching the bark to see what’s below the surface.  Healthy trees should have green wood underneath the bark.)

A tree expert will assess your tree to determine whether it is dying and salvageable, or if it’s already dead and requires removal.

Dead Tree Removal Process

Should it be determined that your tree is dead, the only option is removal.  Keeping a dead tree on your property is more than just unsightly, it can be a liability if it causes damage on your property or to others’ property.

When selecting a service to remove your trees, ask for a free estimate, make sure they are insured, and discuss what they will be using to remove the tree to ensure they are using the property tools and equipment.

Repurposing Dead Wood

Removing a dead tree might create some recycling opportunities!

If your tree is not yet rotting, it can be used for firewood and may still be suitable for use in gardens, as yard art or to create furniture.  Your tree can also be turned into mulch to use for your landscaping.

Ask your tree service how they can help you repurpose dead wood.

If you have a tree that you suspect is dead or dying, contact DLL Landscaping & Tree Service today for a free assessment.